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November 4, 2004
A Conversation With Anthony Kent

by Rob Mathews
Photo courtesy Ball State Athletics
Rob Mathews:  Anthony, thank you for your time.
Anthony Kent:  No problem.
Rob Mathews:  First off, what made you want to come to Ball State?

Anthony Kent:  I came to Ball State because it was a good situation for me. Coach Buckley, I knew that he had experience working with big men, and he could help make me a better player and reach my potential.   

Rob Mathews:  What other schools were recruiting you? 

Anthony Kent:  Southern Indiana, Youngstown, Akron, and a lot of other mid majors.

Rob Mathews:  What areas of your game and conditioning did you work on over the summer?
Anthony Kent:  I tried to work on my overall strength. I tried to work on my jump shot, and then just a lot on my foot work in the post and my post game.
Rob Mathews:  Who is your favorite NBA player?  Why?
Anthony Kent:  Kevin Garnett, because heís so versatile and does so much for his team.
Rob Mathews:  How have you been able to fit in on the team?  How is the chemistry so far?

Anthony Kent:  I think Iíve fit into the team well. I think I can be an inside presence that we need. The team, I think we jelled well together over the summer just playing together every day. 

Rob Mathews: Speaking of being an inside presence, are you familiar with Lonnie Jones, and do you expect to have a presence similar to what he had?  

Anthony Kent: Yes, I expect to be an inside presence like Lonnie Jones, except maybe step out a little more and hit the open shots as well.

Rob Mathews: In what ways do you expect the DI game to be different than junior college? 

Anthony Kent:  Division one is a lot more physical and everybody can play at the division one level. Itís just a faster game Ė faster and more physical.

Rob Mathews:  In what ways do you look to contribute this season?

Anthony Kent:  Hopefully I can just rebound and alter shots. I would say overall just be an inside presence basically. 

Rob Mathews:  Of your group of newcomers, who is the best three point shooter, rebounder, defender, passer, ball handler?  It is ok to name yourself.

Anthony Kent:  The best three point shooter is Landon. I would go with myself (for best rebounder). I would go with Anonthy Newell (as the best defender). I would go with myself (as the best ball handler and passer). 

Rob Mathews:  Tell the fans one interesting fact about yourself.
Anthony Kent:  I just keep going.
Rob Mathews:  What school topics interest you? Whatís your major (or possibilities)?
Anthony Kent: Business. Business management.
Rob Mathews:  What do you like to do when youíre not practicing or studying?
Anthony Kent: Play video games.
Rob Mathews:  Anthony, thank you for your time, welcome to the Cardinal family, and best of luck this season.
Anthony Kent: Thank you.

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